PDO Thread Lift

Thread Lift 12D Non Surgical

We at Deluxe Med Spa, are thrilled to offer this new PDO absorbable Thread Lift procedure to our clients. The PDO Thread Lift procedure offers a safe and immediate solution for lifting sagging skin on the face, neck, and body, with minimal downtime.

Thread Lift is one the most effective ways to lift the loose skin without surgery. As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces, especially as our facial support structure weakens and we lose facial fat. Commonly affected areas include the eyebrows, eye surroundings, cheeks, jowls, and neck. Consequently, the face may appear longer, more square-shaped, and older-looking.

Traditionally, most people would primarily consider plastic surgery to get a facelift due to the lack of effective noninvasive treatments to lift the loose skin. However, now there is an effective nonsurgical option that can lift, contour, and suspend the sagging tissues on the face, neck, and the body.This option is particularly suitable for those seeking minimal to moderate rejuvenation or for those who prefer to avoid surgical procedures.


A beautiful and healthy face has a “V-shape”. With the aging of tissues and the action of gravity, this “V-shape” diminishes or inverts. The idea behind the PDO thread lift is to either to create a scaffolding in order to support the tissues and keep them in the “V-shape” or where necessary to delicately lift the tissues and reposition the skin to recreate the “V-shape” where it’s been lost.

Although PDO threads can be inserted almost anywhere, even in the body, one area where they are especially effective is the neck and jawline. The lower third of the face is challenging to treat effectively with botulinum toxin or injectable fillers, which are most effective in the upper and middle third of the face, respectively.

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