Weight Loss Program

6 weeks program. Injection + Prescription medicine.

Generally we associate weight gain to be a result of an imbalance between the amount of calories we eat and the calories we actually end up using. Not being able burn off all the calories we consume simply become the extra pounds we all frustrate over. However there are certain predispositions besides unbalanced nutrition and exercise that cause people to gain weight more so than others. A family history of obesity, hormonal disorders, sedentary lifestyle and just poor eating habits all add up to a higher tendency for weight gain. Additionally everyday circumstances, such as sudden changes in lifestyle, onset of stress and the progression of age all cause further difficulty when trying to fit proper dieting regimens into our day.
Continuous cycles of weight loss and weight gain, also known as the yo-yo effect, impose great risks for our bodies. Simply starving yourself is never the answer when the body has the ability to store more fat in the process.Seeking professional help allows you to lose and most importantly maintain the weight. All of our packages encompass both a short and long-term diet plan that is individually tailored for greater comfort and results. Our multi-faceted approach includes detox treatments, fat removal, meal replacements as well as cellulite and loose skin reduction to make sure you not only lose the pounds but look great in your own skin.
When approaching proper weight loss, it is important to understand what our individual bodies are made of and how they function. At iOne, every patient is given a free Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to determine body type and composition. This helps to determine the most effective regimen for each patient since our bodies react better to certain treatments more than others. Factors that predispose patients to greater weight gain can also be targeted and resolved. The analysis can further indicate the specific areas of the body lacking lean muscle mass or carrying too much fat tissue to ensure an overall slimming result.
We provide a complimentary Body Composition analysis before deciding upon a weight loss regimen. Using 6 different kinds of frequency, XBIA 900 provides substantial information regarding a patient’s health including BMI, BMR, fat and muscle distribution and further body analysis.